Reha Singh- Independent Mumbai Escort

The illustrious Reha Singh is India's only true 'celebrity' escort - catering to the desires of India's elite. She's insatiable, beautiful, mischievous and has some of the most eye popping reviews you can imagine.

Reha Singh is always dressed to thrill and loves to squeeze herself into the very smallest and finest garmentry. An hour to put on, and maybe just 20 minutes to get off. Those firm breasts encased in slightly reinforced lingerie are yearning for attention (warning - please stand to one side when unclasping the bra to avoid eye injury) - and those legs! Oh my, those legs. The slenderest of slenderness, the smoothest of the very smoothest, and they come in one size: Wrap Around.

One Session
15k (INR)
Two Sessions
20k (INR)
Every hour thereafter
5k (INR)
25k (INR)
cab fares may apply for longer distances
Rates are the same for outcall


For the connoisseur of the derriere, you'll be pleased to know that Lady S comes fully equipped with the tightest little number imaginable. Small enough to fit nicely in one hand, but firm enough to cushion any of your desperate approaches.

Her smooth, taut coffee skin, curves so ridiculously curvy they will keep you busy for hours, and a cheeky sense of humor that will bring out a devilish side you maybe never knew you had.

Reha Singh is THE GIRL to see in Mumbai.